Metal tank hv step-up transformers


This type of transformer is realized with a metal tank connected to the earth and an HV bushing.
It can be realized for indoor (MTTE) or outdoor (OMTTE) use. The outdoor type is realized to resist for hard climatic conditions.
Metal tank transformers are designed for continuous operation with possibility to overload.
Between the low voltage and the high voltage windings is present an electrostatic screen which ensures a perfect electrical insulation in the event of failure of the object under test.
The main benefits of these type of transformers are the followings:

  • Very low working induction to guarantee a perfect sinusoidal waveform, with low harmonic distortion in the test circuit.
  • Designed for continuous operation with possibility to overload.
    About the usage in overload conditions is possible to supply a detailed Data Sheet.
  • Different possibility of type of cooling system:
    o ONAN
    o ONAF
    o OFAF
  • Possibility to include an additional winding to supply a cascade transformer.
  • Possibility of customization for PD testing inside screened room. In fact, the metal tank construction allow to reduce the clearance space against metallic earthed surfaces.
  • Possibility of different position and different installation angle of the HV bushing.
  • Possibility to include a pneumatic earthing system of HV pole.
  • Possibility to modify the transformer design to decrease or increase the impedance voltage (if possible), accordingly to customer request.
  • Possibility to choose different moving systems:
    o VulkollanĀ® wheels
    o Rails
    o Air cushions



 1) For different sea level heights installation is necessary to reduce accordingly the max working voltage





On request, we can quote transformers with different rated power and voltage.
The power indicated is the continuous rated power (24H per day). With different duty cycle is possible to have higher output current with the following calculation formula: