Impulse voltage generators

The impulse voltage generators are designed for testing high voltage equipment of power systems with lightning (LI: 1.2/50 µs), with chopping (LIC: 1.2/2÷6 µs) and switching (SI 250/2500 µs) impulses according to the IEC standard 60060-1 (IEEE, GOST, etc).

The generators can be modified to perform many different special tests, impulse voltage test on transformers, impulse current test of surge arresters, impulse voltage and current test of insulating materials for electrical equipment.

Our modular system ensure a very variable application in industries, in laboratories, in research centers or in universities.

The circuit of the impulse generators is a modified Marx multiplier circuit.

The capacitors, arranged in the stages of the generator are charged in parallel with DC voltages up to 100 kV (for IGS and IGM type) – up to 200kV (for IGL type) against the earth potential and in order to generate impulses, connected in series by spark gaps.

For the modification of the output voltage is possible to connect the stages in series (as standard), in series parallel (to increase energy with lower voltages) and in full parallel (to ensure full energy at lowest voltage [100kV @ IGS-IGM / 200kV @ IGL]).

For the modification of the front time and time to half value of the impulse waveform, the generator stages is equipped with series resistors (regulation of the front) and parallel resistors (regulation of the tail).

Our design ensure a very low inductance, providing a high efficiency and a smooth waveform.

In our production we have 3 different type of impulse generator: