Distribution transformers test system

The AMETest transformer test system is able to perform the following tests on small and large distribution transformers up to 12 MVA:
- Assembling electrical test as:
o Measurement of the insulation resistance of transformers
o Calculation of the Polarization Indicator (PI) of the transformer

o Check of the vector group (also for special connections)
o Measurement of the turn ratio

o Measurement of the winding resistance with DC current

All these tests can be performed with the AMETest TR-Minilab directly in the assembling area.
All tests are performed in the automatic way through a computer that control all instruments and perform all calculations. The acquired data will sent to the computer of the test station through Wi-Fi connection. This solution allow to reduce the test time of the transformer in the testing area.
The AMETest TR-Minilab can be used also in the testing area during a full test with customer
- Insulation tests
o Induced overvoltage AC withstand test
o Separate source voltage withstand test
o Lightning impulse test (type test)
o Lightning impulse chopped test (type test)

- Measurement
o Measurement of no-load losses
o Measurement of no-load currents
o Measurements of short-circuit impedances
o Measurements of load losses
o PD measurement test (for dry-type and cast resin transformers)
o Zero-sequence impedance measurement
o Sound level test
o Sound pressure level test
o Temperature-rise test with simulated load (for dry-type and cast resin transformers)
o Temperature-rise test with full losses (for oil immersed transformers)