“COMPACT“ hv test system

The “COMPACT” high voltage test system are very useful when the dielectric tests are performed not only in the test field, but also in the production area and so is necessary a high mobility.
In the "COMPACT" high voltage test system, the control panel, the voltage regulator, the step-up transformer and the measuring system are mounted on a platform equipped with rotating wheels and easily movable.
The control panel includes the motorized voltage regulator, the control devices, the protection circuits and the measuring systems.
The "COMPACT" high voltage test system can be realized in the following versions:
o Standard version in oil with voltages up to 100kV – MTSUT
o PD Free version in resin with voltages up to 40kV – CRSUT

Step-up transformers:
o The transformers are designed for intermittent operation (normally 5 'ON - 20' OFF), but they can be realized for continuous operation.
o An electrostatic screen is provided between low voltage and high voltage windings to ensure perfect electrical isolation in the event of failure of the tested object.

The "COMPACT" high voltage test system can be completed with the following options:
o Motorized or pneumatic earthing system of the high voltage pole of the step-up transformer
o High Voltage limitation water resistance
o Panel-PLC HMI test control system with the possibility to modify the test parameters and starting the test in a completely automatic way.
o Remote device management software with automatic test report generation
o Partial discharge measurement system



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  1. Without condensation
  2. For different sea level heights installation is necessary to reduce accordingly the max working voltage



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On request, we can quote transformers with different rated power and voltage.