Coaxial current measuring shunts

The impulse current measuring shunts are designed as coaxial type to ensure the best response behavior.
The partial response of the shunts is ≤ 12ns and its settling time is ≤ 20ns.
The coaxial shunts are realized with different values for resistance and impulse current.
The shunts are specifically designed to perform the impulse test on transformers and they are according to the standards IEC 60060-1, IEC 60076-3, IEEE and GOST.
The repeatability of the response is ensured by a careful realization of the resistive element.
The shunts have an over-voltage protection realized with a spark-gap. This protection limits the voltage drop to a value below 1500Vpk to avoid to damage the acquisition system.
The shunts can be supplied with connection cable, TRIAX 11 (with characteristics impedance of 75Ohm), and with coaxial signal attenuator granted to the measuring cable.
The default output socket is N type, but it can be changed according to the request of the customer (UHF type, Fischer type, LEMO type, etc…)



Technical data and design can be changed from A.M.E. without notice