Faraday Room and Cage

The in-house professional team has experience in the processing of finished products and the development of new technologies thanks to the ElettraLab Test Room; a professional competence that in recent years has been enriched even further allowing the company to gradually and constantly evolve, creating numerous partnerships with Italian and European companies of electrical testing equipment.

The tests that can be carried out on transformers are divided into two groups: routine tests and type tests.

Routine testing is necessary to understand if the transformer was built according to rules and responds to the customer's order.
The routine tests are as follows:

Electrical tests

  • Measurement of the transformer's coil ratio (according to standards).
  • Verification of the transformer vector group (according to standards).
  • Measurement of the resistance of direct current windings (according to standards)

Isolation tests

  • Voltage applied by elevator transformer (according to standards).
  • Voltage induced by frequency converter (according to standards).
  • Electrical measurements.
  • Vacuum test (according to customer's order).
  • Load tests (according to customer's order)

Type tests are used to determine whether the transformer has been properly constructed to withstand difficult conditions.
Type tests are carried out on the prototype of a transformer or on the first in a series.
The type tests are as follows:

Isolation tests

  • Atmospheric pulse test (according to standards).
  • Truncated wave pulse test (according to standards).
  • Manoeuvring pulse test (according to standards).

Currently, the following tests are carried out at our ElettraLab:

  • Over LV panels (CEI EN 61439 Part 1, Part 2)
  • On transformers (vacuum tests, stiffness tests, Hvac tests).