Design and construction of wind and photovoltaic systems

Elettra operates in the field of design, assembly and installation of photovoltaic and wind systems and plants, exploiting energy from renewable sources as an alternative to fossil fuels.
A photovoltaic system is an electrical system consisting essentially of the assembly of several photovoltaic modules that exploit the effect of solar energy to produce electricity by photovoltaic effect, the necessary electrical component (cables) and electronics (inverter) and possibly mechanical-automatic systems with solar tracking.
Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a usable form of energy, generally thanks to the use of wind turbines that produce electricity.
The high technical level, combined with the quality of the plants and competitive prices, makes it possible to play an important role in the sector in question; moreover, the flexibility of the production line allows us to create innovative and newly designed photovoltaic systems.

Our goal is to build environmentally friendly and economically profitable energy plants; we follow the customer along the necessary path for the installation of plants producing renewable energy.

Today our company is synonymous with reliability, professionalism, and guaranteed quality both thanks to the skills developed in recent years and to the top quality materials chosen (top of the range). In fact, the companies selected as suppliers are leaders in the production of components. Our mission is not only to sell high-quality products but also to raise awareness of our customers as much as possible by offering them a modus vivendi oriented to energy saving for the protection of our planet. For some years, in fact, our company has approached this universe that offers countless advantages and benefits.